Observing and analysing the 1997 general election : an introduction

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Observing and analysing the 1997 general election : an introduction

Type: Article in monograph or in proceedings
Title: Observing and analysing the 1997 general election : an introduction
Author: Rutten,M.M.E.M.Mazrui,A.Grignon,F.
Start Page: 1
End Page: 28
Issue Date: 2001
Keywords: African studies
Kenya; 1998; elections; 1997; conference papers (form)
Abstract: The outcome of a three-day conference held at the African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands, in September 1998, this book on the 1997 Kenya general elections is organized in four parts: the direct pre-electoral background; technical and national analysis of the general elections, including the performance of the Electoral Commission, international observation, and the role of the media; regional studies focusing on the grassroots level of Kenyan politics at the Kenya Coast, among the Kenya Somali, in Ukambani, Meru and Embu, Central Province and Nairobi, and Maasailand, among the Kalenjin and the Gusii, in Luo Nyanza, and in Western Province and Trans-Nzoia district; and the Njoro and Laikipia violence in the aftermath of the elections, political developments in 1998 and 1999, and the meaning of electoral politics in Kenya. Contributors: Francis Ang'ila Aywa, Norbert Braakhuis, Marren Akatsa-Bukachi, François Grignon, Charles Hornsby, Joe Kadhi, Peter Mwangi Kagwanja, Karuti Kanyinga, Musambayi Katumanga, Wambui Kimathi, Hervé Maupeu, Alamin Mazrui, Kimani Njogu, Adams Oloo, Kenneth Ombongi, Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, Ralph-Michael Peters, Marcel Rutten
Editor(s): Rutten,M.M.E.M.
Other Identifiers: oai:ascleiden.nl:075287668:1042
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/9710

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