Economic Effects of Social Protection

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Economic Effects of Social Protection

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Economic Effects of Social Protection
Author: Cammeraat, E.
Journal Title: Meijers-reeks
Issue Date: 2019-10-01
Keywords: economics
social protection
social expenditure
added worker effect
economic growth
Abstract: This thesis contains four empirical studies on the effects of social protection. In the first two studies, I use administrative microdata and employ quasi-experimental methods in which I compare a treatment group with a control group. Study 1 concludes that mandatory activation programs for young welfare recipients do not contribute to employment or to enrollment in education during an economic downturn, but are harmful to income protection. Study 2 concludes that the unemployment shock of a male partner has a large and persistent effect on household income and only 2-5% of this income loss is compensated by increases in female partner’s earnings from work. The last two studies use OECD panel data and employ international comparative research methods. Study 3 concludes that constitutional rights to social security have a positive effect on social expenditure, which is larger for expenditure targeted at the unemployed, a group that is perceived as less deserving by the public opinion compared to the elderly or disabled. Study 4 concludes that Social expenditure reduces poverty and inequality without being harmful for GDP growth. Targeted schemes are most effective in reducing poverty, while social expenditure types with a universal character are more effective in reducing inequality.
Promotor: Supervisor: Goudswaard K.P., Koning P.W.C. Co-Supervisor: Jongen E.L.W.
Faculty: Faculty of Law
University: Leiden University

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