Pro-Gay Anti-Immigrant into the Mainstream

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Pro-Gay Anti-Immigrant into the Mainstream

Type: Master thesis
Title: Pro-Gay Anti-Immigrant into the Mainstream
Author: de Hoog, Akke
Issue Date: 2019-06-28
Keywords: Homonationalism
Abstract: This thesis analyzes pro-gay, anti-immigrant rhetoric (PGAIR) in Dutch political parties across the spectrum since 2000. The thesis compares and contrasts rhetorical trends across parties and election cycles. In doing so, it shows the influence of populist politics on mainstream politics. It concludes that all three mainstream parties VVD, CDA and PvdA have used PGAIR as a rhetorical tool since 2000. An increase in use could be linked to the rise in popularity of anti-immigrant populist rhetoric in the Netherlands.
Supervisor: Shield, Andrew
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: History (Master)
Specialisation: Governance of Migration and Diversity
ECTS Credits: 20

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