Travelling Patterns on Discrete Media

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Travelling Patterns on Discrete Media

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Travelling Patterns on Discrete Media
Author: Morelli, L.
Issue Date: 2019-06-25
Keywords: Lattice differential equations
Partial differential equations
Reaction diffusion equation
Travelling waves
Nonlinear algebraic equations
Global center manifold
Wave collisions
Graph differential equations
Periodic solutions
Abstract: This thesis describes how complex and real-world relevant analytical solutions can be found starting from a simple Nagumo problem posed on one or two-dimensional lattices. In Chapters 2 and 3 we will discuss solutions with periodic asymptotic values, where different types of fronts can be combined. In Chapter 4 we will discuss the existence of planar defect solutions, where we analyse travelling fronts possessing corners.
Promotor: Supervisor: Hupkes H.M., Doelman A.
Faculty: Faculty of Science
University: Leiden University

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