Towards oxide-based spintronic devices

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Towards oxide-based spintronic devices

Type: Master thesis
Title: Towards oxide-based spintronic devices
Author: Opdam, Daniël
Issue Date: 2018-12-19
Keywords: E-beam lithography
spin polarization
Abstract: In this thesis, we have worked on devices for two oxide systems, with which spin-polarized currents could in future be controlled. Firstly, we have worked on the optimization of growth parameters for the depositions of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin-films in off-axis sputtering. We have characterized the grown films using Atomic Force Microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction and resistance measurements. La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 is a ferromagnetic oxide, which we believe could be used in conjunction with the oxide superconductor Sr2RuO4 to induce polarized supercurrents. Further, we illustrate a lithography procedure which allows for the patterning of LSMO films into Hall bar structures. Next, we have designed a side-gated Hall bar pattern for LaAlO3/EuTiO3/SrTiO3 devices. This system has been shown to give rise to a spin-polarized two dimensional electron gas [1]. Our structure is designed to allow for local control of this spin-polarization.
Supervisor: Aarts, Jan
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Quantum matter and optics
ECTS Credits: 5
Evaluation: 8

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