The anchoring-bias in groups

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The anchoring-bias in groups

Type: Article / Letter to editor
Title: The anchoring-bias in groups
Author: Wilde, T.R.W. deTen, Velden F.S.De, Dreu C.K.W.
Journal Title: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Volume: 76
Start Page: 116
End Page: 126
Pages: 11
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: Group decision making
Process accountability
Abstract: Decision-making groups decide on many numerical issues, which makes them potentially vulnerable to cognitive anchors. In the current study we investigated (1) whether the anchoring-bias operates in groups, (2) under which circumstances group anchoring is more or less likely to occur and (3) which processes underlie the anchoring-bias in groups. In three group decision-making studies we found that cooperative groups were susceptible to anchors. However, the anchoring-bias in groups was mitigated when groups were made process accountable or competitively motivated. Finally, we investigated whether the anchoring bias in groups operated through a fast and early influence on individual preferences, or through biased information exchange. We found evidence for the former process, but not for the latter.

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