Slavery, Resistance and Colonial Power in Dutch Mauritius (1664-1710)

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Slavery, Resistance and Colonial Power in Dutch Mauritius (1664-1710)

Type: Research master thesis
Title: Slavery, Resistance and Colonial Power in Dutch Mauritius (1664-1710)
Author: EDOUARD, Joël S.
Issue Date: 2018-09-30
Keywords: Slavery; Slave Resistance; Colonial Power; Dutch Mauritius; VOC; Indian Ocean
Abstract: This thesis explores slavery in Dutch Mauritius (1664-1710) through an analysis of the extent to which slave resistance in its myriad forms influenced the nature of the slave regime, society and colonial power. Its main objective is to achieve an understanding of how slavery operated in a marginal VOC outpost by exploring its social world; the various levels of social interactions between slaves, convicts, vrijburgers and company servants; the main characteristics of slave resistance; colonial fear and phobia of insurrections; and the intersections between slavery, law enforcement, and the community. It examines the dynamics of imperialism from below in the same way as Clare Anderson explores the life and work of South Asian convicts transported across networks of the British Empire in the Indian Ocean in the latter part of the 19th century. Despite being framed through concepts of slave resistance and power, the primary objective is to bring into focus the world of the slaves, their origins, the nature of their occupations and living conditions, their experiences and struggles, and their ways of organising, socialising, and dissenting
Supervisor: STOLTE, Carolien
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: History (Research master)
Specialisation: Colonial and Global History
ECTS Credits: 40

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