Egypt and its Priorities in Water Management

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Egypt and its Priorities in Water Management

Type: Master thesis
Title: Egypt and its Priorities in Water Management
Author: Biebl, Benjamin
Issue Date: 2018-08-30
Keywords: Egypt
water scarcity
water resource amelioration
Abstract: Egypt is a water scarce country with declining water resources but, at the same time, a rapidly growing population rate. These two diverging trends are especially noticeable in the agricultural, industrial and real estate sector where water as a production factor is needed to satisfy increasing demands. The water needs of these three sectors were changed in the 1990s when Egypt introduced a set of neoliberal reforms as a requirement for deeper integration into the international political economy. In this context, water became a significant development asset and the three sectors in question turned into the biggest water consumers. Several water amelioration policies and programs have therefore been implemented in order to guarantee water availability, accessibility and sustainability. The thesis focuses on these water amelioration programs in the three sectors and uses a dual theoretical approach for outlining water management practices.
Supervisor: Henderson, C.J.V.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Middle Eastern Studies (Master)
Specialisation: Modern Middle East Studies
ECTS Credits: 20

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