The Global Scientific Workforce (GTEC) Framework

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The Global Scientific Workforce (GTEC) Framework

Type: Article in monograph or in proceedings
Title: The Global Scientific Workforce (GTEC) Framework
Author: Welch E.W.Holm E.J. van.Jung H.Melkers J.Robinson-Garcia N.Mamiseishvili K.Pinheiro D.
Journal Title: STI 2018 Conference Proceedings
Start Page: 868
End Page: 871
Publisher: Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS)
Issue Date: 2018-09-11
Keywords: Scientometrics
Abstract: Research on the globalization of scientific workforce is not keeping pace with reality, and our understanding of the dynamics of the global scientific workforce is plagued with significant conceptual and empirical gaps. This paper builds on prior research, but moves in a somewhat different direction. Rather than considering the foreign status of the individuals based on one or two dichotomous indicators, this paper 1) recognizes that “foreign-ness” is a multidimensional concept, closely linked to the notion of “globalness” and more complex than birthplace or education location; 2) develops a theoretical framework to characterize the globalized scientific workforce. We propose the Global Scientific Workforce (GTEC) Framework that takes into account different global characteristics of individuals, global cognitions, global community and global institutional context. The framework is used to explain key outcomes including perceived racial and ethnic bias and discrimination, dissatisfaction, isolation and mobility intent, among others.

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