Surface Plasmon Lasing & Dispersion

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Surface Plasmon Lasing & Dispersion

Type: Master thesis
Title: Surface Plasmon Lasing & Dispersion
Author: Vos, Erik Willem de
Issue Date: 2018-08-30
Keywords: Surface Plasmon
mirror cavity
metal hole array
plasmonic crystal
Abstract: This thesis comprises two research projects focused on investigating surface plasmon (SP) propagation on metal-dielectric interfaces. The characterization of a newly fabricated device, designed for further research, is also presented. This thesis first showcases a new form of SP lasing, which utilizes two metal hole arrays as cavity mirrors. Analysis of the lasing mode provides a direct view of SP propagation and allows for determining the SP group velocity on any metal-dielectric interface. Second, high-quality measurements of the dispersion characteristics of SP-mediated emission from an actively pumped elliptical-hole array are presented. These measurements resulted in the observation of an intriguing SP dispersion relation ω(k) and provide an insight into the effect of symmetry-breaking of SP scattering in metal hole arrays. Looking into the future, this thesis also describes the production process as well as subsequent characterization of a newly fabricated device. The device is found to perform worse than expected, leading to several interesting insights into the production process.
Supervisor: van Exter, Martin van
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Physics; Quantum Matter and Optics
ECTS Credits: 4

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