Thermal conductivity measurements of nanometer-thick SiN membranes

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Thermal conductivity measurements of nanometer-thick SiN membranes

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Thermal conductivity measurements of nanometer-thick SiN membranes
Author: Steenbergen, Thomas
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Thermal conductivity
SiN membrane
3 Omega method
Abstract: In this bachelor research project, the thermal conductivity of very thin (50 nm) suspended Silicon Nitride (SiN) membranes is studied. These membranes are used as mechanical resonators in optomechanical experiments where quantum decoherence properties are studied. When these optomechanical experiments are performed at low (mK) temperatures, heating of the membrane by laser absorption perturbs these measurements. Therefore, the thermal properties of these membranes are studied in this project at room temperature with a method which is in principle also applicable for cryogenic measurements. In this project different methods are studied and the 3w method is expected to be the best suitable method and is therefore investigated in this project. Using this method, measurements have been done and a signal containing thermal properties of the membrane is obtained. However, due to the sample preparation, no thermal conductivty could be extracted from this signal.
Supervisor: Löffler, Wolfgang
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Bachelor)
ECTS Credits: 3

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