Domain wall motion in Permalloy nanowires

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Domain wall motion in Permalloy nanowires

Type: Master thesis
Title: Domain wall motion in Permalloy nanowires
Author: Simon, Brecht
Issue Date: 18-08-30
Keywords: Permalloy
current-induced domain wall motion
Abstract: Together with numerical computations, we have characterized the transport properties of devices with notched Permalloy nanowires. The driving mechanism of current-induced domain wall motion has been the subject of much debate. Permalloy is, with its easy axis along the nanowire, a good candidate to study the fundamental properties of a current-induced domain wall velocity, as its magnetic properties are well defined. A strong temperature dependence of the anisotropic magnetoresistance has been found, resulting in a decrease of the (de)pinning fields when the temperature increases. We believe that temperature is an important factor to take into account in studying the domain wall dynamics, and can even be helpful in identifying the relevant driving mechanism in current-induced domain wall motion. Although a start is made on the experimental realisation of domain wall velocity experiments in the PPMS (Physical Property Measurement System), much effort is still necessary in order to conduct actual velocity measurements.
Supervisor: Aarts, Jan
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Experimental Physics, QMO
ECTS Credits: 5

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