A Study on the Shifting Concept of Citizenship in Bahrain

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A Study on the Shifting Concept of Citizenship in Bahrain

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: A Study on the Shifting Concept of Citizenship in Bahrain
Author: Heite, Lisa
Issue Date: 2018-08-31
Keywords: Bahrain
Arab Spring
Abstract: In 2011, citizens protested in most countries in the Middle East. While the Gulf states were less affected by these uprisings, Bahrain was an exception. During major demonstrations from February onwards, citizens demanded political, economic and social reforms. Most often, the situation there is presented in terms of a sectarian divide, but the thesis suggests that citizens were angered by restrictions to their right to muwatana, active citizenship. Through this analysis, particularly from the perspective of the citizenship approach, it becomes evident that the Bahraini regime has used citizenship as a tool of governance to keep control and to divide up the population. It has led to inequities between Sunnis and Shia, but also between Bahrainis and expats and between citizens from birth and naturalised citizens. Particularly, these groups are unequally represented in politics and society, have different opportunities to get employed and limited options to affect the political, social and economic outlook of their country. These factors have caused resentment among the population, stimulating them to rise up and seek other channels to have an impact.
Supervisor: Henderson, Christian
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: International Studies (Bachelor)
Specialisation: International Studies, Middle East
ECTS Credits: 15
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/62619

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