Rethinking Integration: Lessons Learned From a Dutch Neighborhood Initiative

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Rethinking Integration: Lessons Learned From a Dutch Neighborhood Initiative

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Rethinking Integration: Lessons Learned From a Dutch Neighborhood Initiative
Author: Pank, Julia Friederike
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: Integration Discourse
Participation Society
Abstract: With the aim of presenting a constructive criticism on the current integration discourse in the Netherlands, this thesis explores the practices and internal narratives of a neighborhood initiative in the Schilderswijk, Den Haag based on a qualitative study conducted in 2016. Neighborhood initiatives are literally and figuratively situated at the junctions of society, where intrasocietal borderlines of all sorts can meet and merge. Following an exposition of recent Dutch integration policies and a critique of the discourse underlying them, the ways in which this neighborhood initiative allows for integration to be lived and understood in confrontation with hegemonic structures are investigated, yielding impulses for rethinking notions of integration, society, and citizenship. Connecting the concepts of microemancipation and thirdspace to integration illuminates how integration is enacted in juxtaposition to dominant discursive representations and structures, and shows how a vigilant observation of bottom-up practices can re-inform and enrich the integration discourse. The inclusion of grassroots approaches is a necessary step towards the reconfiguration of thinking patterns and practices which currently impede real progression of public and policy debates about integration and societal cohesion. For this reason, the translation of grassroots approaches into theoretical conceptualizations and policy recommendations forms the central aim and contribution of this article, as it seeks to make them visible to and available for academic and political discourse.
Supervisor: Naeff, Judith
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: International Studies (Bachelor)
ECTS Credits: 15

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