Diode based RF detector for STM

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Diode based RF detector for STM

Type: Master thesis
Title: Diode based RF detector for STM
Author: Visscher, Bert
Issue Date: 2018
Keywords: STM
RF diode detector
Shot noise
Abstract: Currently the shot noise signal from the STM is measured with the Zurich MFLI lock in amplifier, which has measuring times on the order of 10 seconds. In this research we will build a RF diode detector. Starting out with the Herotek DZM020BB RF diode, we add additional components to increase its performance at measuring small signals. Then we compare its accuracy and measuring times with the Zurich MFLI. The detector had 1/f noise, which was eliminated with the ”tic toc” method. We find a final resolution of 0.06 μV for the detector with 1 s measuring time, which means that it performs better than the Zurich MFLI.
Supervisor: Allan, Milan
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Experimental Physics
ECTS Credits: 5
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/61178

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