Arabian Epigraphic Notes : Volume 3

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Arabian Epigraphic Notes : Volume 3

Type: Journal
Title: Arabian Epigraphic Notes : Volume 3
Pages: 164
Publisher: Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia (LeiCenSAA)
Issue Date: 2017
Description: Editor-in-Chief: Ahmad Al-Jallad, Managing Editor: Benjamin Suchard, Editorial Board: Alessandra Avanzini, Holger Gzella, Michael C. A. Macdonald, Ali Al-Manaser, Mohammed Maraqten, Laïla Nehmé, Alessia Prioletta, Petra Sijpesteijn, Peter Stein, Suleiman Theeb
Editor(s): Al Jallad, Ahmad
Series/Report no.: Arabian Epigraphic Notes;3

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