De Herlaars in het Midden-Nederlandse rivierengebied (ca.1075 - ca.1400)

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De Herlaars in het Midden-Nederlandse rivierengebied (ca.1075 - ca.1400)

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: De Herlaars in het Midden-Nederlandse rivierengebied (ca.1075 - ca.1400)
Author: Doornmalen, A.G.J. van
Issue Date: 2017-10-12
Keywords: Herlaar
Abstract: The main question of this thesis is: how did the Herlaars acquire their position in the Dutch river area and manage to maintain it for a long time, and what served as the basis of power? The concept of 'maatschappelijk vermogen', introduced by Schmidt in 1986, is used to describe the position and power of the Herlaars. The focus of this research is pointed to the Herlaars with their extensive possessions in the Dutch River area. The development of power as described provides an image of power and also answers the question how the Herlaars managed to maintain their position. The Herlaars seem to have been very aware of both the opportunities and the threats offered by the geopolitical ambitions of these great lords. In the second quarter of the 14th century the Herlaars managed to acquire seigneurial rights and substantial houses in the border area of the territory of Gelre and Brabant. However, this property was not used by the Herlaars to consolidate or gain a position in the territory of the landlords, or to acquire even more possessions. My research shows that the Herlaars were no border lords but something more humble, noblemen living on the border.
Promotor: Supervisors: Janssen H.L.; Hoppenbrouwers P.C.M.
Faculty: Humanities
University: Leiden

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