The implementation of intersectoral community approaches targeting childhood obesity

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The implementation of intersectoral community approaches targeting childhood obesity

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: The implementation of intersectoral community approaches targeting childhood obesity
Author: Kleij, M.J.J. van der
Issue Date: 2017-09-05
Keywords: Childhood obesity
Abstract: Childhood obesity remains a major public health concern. To successfully address the childhood obesity epidemic, intersectoral community interventions that take into account the multifactorial aetiology of childhood obesity are needed. However, the implementation of such interventions has proved to be difficult and prone to error. This thesis therefore examines the implementation process of five EPODE-derived intersectoral community approaches targeting childhood obesity in the Netherlands. It focuses on both the level of implementation and determinants of implementation. Quantitative as well as qualitative methods are used, next to novel “in-between” methods such as Quantitative Comparative Analysis and Social Network Analysis. Recommendations are provided on how to design strategies to improve the implementation of intersectoral community approaches, and suggestion for future research initiatives are made.
Promotor: Supervisor: Reis R. Co-Supervisor: Crone M.R., Paulussen T.G.W.M.
Faculty: Medicine / Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
University: Leiden University

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