Cosmology of Non-Local Gravity

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Cosmology of Non-Local Gravity

Type: Master thesis
Title: Cosmology of Non-Local Gravity
Author: Watson, Jamie
Issue Date: 2017-10-31
Keywords: Cosmology
Abstract: We will discuss non-local solutions to some of the problems of the standard model of cosmology, L cold dark matter (LCDM), focusing on two models of gravity and their applications to cosmology. The first comes from modifying the Einstien-Hilbert action by including an m2R 1 2 R term and the second by including an m2 1 R term. Both models posses self-accelerating solutions. I will demonstrate that their background cosmology is consistent with data, and testable primarily through the equation of state of our universe’s effective stress-energy tensor. At the perturbative level, these models have more galaxy clustering and weak lensing, so they are be highly testable using up coming cosmological surveys. My contribution to this work is the perturbation theory of the m2 1 R model and the recovery of these results for the m2R 1 2 R model.
Supervisor: Silvestri, Alessandra
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Theory
ECTS Credits: 8

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