Stacking domains in bilayer Van der Waals materials

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Stacking domains in bilayer Van der Waals materials

Type: Master thesis
Title: Stacking domains in bilayer Van der Waals materials
Author: Jong, Tobias A. de
Issue Date: 2017-08-31
Keywords: graphene
stacking domains
hydogen diffusion
electron diffraction
Low Energy Electron Microscopy
hydrogen intercalation
Dark Field microscopy
Abstract: Van der Waals materials such as graphene are layered materials that can be created in single atom thickness. In most cases there is more than one way to stack subsequent layers, often leading to domains of different stackings. In this work stacking domains in few layer stacks of graphene and \mos are studied using Low Energy Electron Microscopy. From dark field LEEM measurements on few layer epitaxial graphene on SiC it is concluded that two different types of domains exists: domains created from nucleation during growth and triangular stress domains induced from lattice mismatch with the underlying SiC. A detailed comparison between epitaxial and quasi-freestanding graphene is made. As part of this comparison deintercalation of the latter to reform the former is performed. The hydrogen diffusion out of the material occurring here is studied and linked to defects in the material and aforementioned stacking domains. For MoS2 no domains were analysed within the scope of this project, but a comparison of flatness for different substrates is made and using muLEED measurements a method to determine the number of layers is demonstrated and the two different orientations of the 2H polytype are experimentally identified.
Description: Dr. Johannes Jobst was the daily supervisor on this project.
Supervisor: Molen, Sense Jan van der
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Research in Physics, Casimir pre-PhD
ECTS Credits: 5

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