The Field of Musical Improvisation

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The Field of Musical Improvisation

Type: Book (monograph)
Title: The Field of Musical Improvisation
Author: Cobussen, Marcel
Pages: 227
Publisher: Leiden University Press (LUP)
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The central aim of this book is to present a new approach to “the field of musical improvisation” (FMI), a theory which understands improvisation as a nonlinear dynamic and complex system. The study provocatively argues that during an improvisation more actants are “at work” than musicians alone: space, acoustics, instruments, audience, technicians, musical and socio-cultural backgrounds, technology, and the like all play a significant role. However, not all of these actants determine every improvisation to the same extent; some are more prominent and active than others in certain situations (periods, styles, cultures, as well as more singular circumstances). Therefore, the FMI theory will prove to be more than a theory dealing with improvisation “in general”. Rather, FMI emphasizes singularity: each improvisation thus yields a different network of actants and interactions, a unique configuration or assembly.
ISBN: 9789400602632 (epub)
9789400603011 (epdf)
9789087282899 (print)
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