Maker and Matter // A Material View on Art

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Maker and Matter // A Material View on Art

Type: Master thesis
Title: Maker and Matter // A Material View on Art
Author: Bundy, Fiona
Issue Date: 2017-08-31
Abstract: Central to much analysis and research within the artistic field is the artwork itself, as an object, a product, experience or situation that has been made or created by an artist; therefore, discourse often revolves around the reception of art and the intentionality or mastery of the artworks creator – i.e. how the work is received and why it was created. Artworks can be exhibited, the reception of them can be studied, often classified and interpreted in such a way that evaluations can be made according to the criteria of the established discipline of Art History, and although this type of formal and critical analysis can sometimes extend to considering the reception of the artists themselves, often in relation to their creative intentions, choices or use of materials and techniques, discourse marginally elaborates upon or questions how art emerges or what takes place during the artistic process when maker meets matter, or vice versa. The lack of discussion and focus upon the material engagement involved throughout the creative process is what this thesis aims to emphasise, by questioning our contemporary understanding of what takes place when maker meets matter and proposing how a material view on art can allow for and encourage a new understanding to be put forth regarding this dynamic interaction within contemporary art discourse.
Supervisor: Zijlmans, C.J.M
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Arts and Culture (Master)
Specialisation: Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies
ECTS Credits: 20

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