Mixed ordered termination at the SrTiO3 surface

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Mixed ordered termination at the SrTiO3 surface

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Mixed ordered termination at the SrTiO3 surface
Author: Prins, Lennert
Issue Date: 2017-05-31
Keywords: STO
surface termination
Abstract: Even though both strontium titanate and lanthanum aluminate are insulators, the interface between them is conducting. This is only the case, however, when the terminated layer of the SrTiO3 film or crystal is TiO2. Because of this, the surface structure of strontium titanate has recently become an active area of research. Here we show a mixed ordered termination can be achieved by a simple annealing process. Furthermore, we show that the new PLD installation in the ESCHER is capable of layer-by-layer ordered growth of LaAlO3 on SrTiO3. We investigate this surface layer by Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM). The surface of a mixed ordered terminated sample has been studied both before and after growth of lanthanum aluminate. Pulsed laser deposition at the ESCHER provides exciting new opportunities for research on the STO/LAO interface.
Supervisor: Aarts, Jan
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Bachelor)
ECTS Credits: 3
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/52347

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