The Chaplygin Gas and Modelling Dark Matter Haloes

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The Chaplygin Gas and Modelling Dark Matter Haloes

Type: Master thesis
Title: The Chaplygin Gas and Modelling Dark Matter Haloes
Author: Beer, Thomas de
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: chaplygin gas unified dark matter dark energy
Abstract: Dark matter and dark energy are among the top unsolved mysteries within today’s physics and astronomy. These unknown phenomena are each supposed to explain a set of otherwise very puzzling observations. However, instead of introducing two unknown new forms of matter, one could equally try to unify their concepts into one. This is exactly what Unified Dark Matter models try to do. For this approach to work such models need to behave as dark matter on relatively small scales (to account for structure formation), and as dark energy on relatively large scales (to account for accelerated expansion). In this thesis the simplest unified dark matter model is considered: the Chaplygin gas. In particular, we investigate the possiblity for dark matter halo-like objects within this model. We set up a general framework and try to solve the relevant equations for both small radii and large radii close to the de-Sitter radius. The solutions constructed indeed show large concentrations of energy density are allowed, and in some cases the two regimes can be reasonably matched.
Supervisor: Holten, Jan-Willem van
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Theoretical Physics
ECTS Credits: 8

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