International Schools in Egypt: Are They Truly ‘International’?

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International Schools in Egypt: Are They Truly ‘International’?

Type: Article
Title: International Schools in Egypt: Are They Truly ‘International’?
Author: Belal, Susie
Pages: 18
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: International Baccalaureate
International mindedness
International school
Abstract: Globalization has led to more competition not only globally but also locally. As a response to globalization and in an attempt to internationalize, international schools have been growing at an unprecedented rate in Egypt. There are practical reasons why so many parents enroll their children in such schools, but what are the larger implications and possible benefits? This article exposes the general nature of international schools in Egypt, taking into account the teachers, students, as well as the curricula on offer, with a focus on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). This article contends that there are many contradictions in the parent‟s motivations to enroll their children at international schools.
Editor(s): Eickhof, Ilka
Aarts, Stijn
Lavent, Tine
Series/Report no.: NVIC Working Papers

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