Saparmurat Niyazov - Turkemnistan's sultanistic ruler

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Saparmurat Niyazov - Turkemnistan's sultanistic ruler

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Saparmurat Niyazov - Turkemnistan's sultanistic ruler
Author: Berndt, Valentina
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: Turkmenistan
Sultanistic Regimes
Rule of Law
Political Structure
Abstract: This paper argues in favor of characterizing Saparmurat Niyazov's rule as sultanistic. The paper does this on the claim that authoritarian regimes are defined in broad terms and hence there is a clear theoretical gap that needs to be filled with alternative theories that make detailed analysis of regimes possible. Therefore sultanism was selected as an under researched political theory, that has a strong relationship with Niyazov's rule. The thesis examines the definition of sultanism in contrast to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in order to establish vital characteristics that make sultanism unique. It then applies these characteristics to the lack of ideological significance under Niyazov's regime, the manipulation and control of the political structure and the set up of a kleptocracy. The analysis of these establishes that Niyazov's rule is sultanistic.
Supervisor: Bouma, Amieke
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: International Studies (Bachelor)
ECTS Credits: 15

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