Algebraic filters for filtered backprojection

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Algebraic filters for filtered backprojection

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Algebraic filters for filtered backprojection
Author: Plantagie, L.
Issue Date: 2017-04-13
Keywords: Tomography
Image reconstruction
Inverse problems
Filtered backprojection
Algebraic reconstruction methods
Abstract: Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging technique that is used to calculate the interior of an object using X-rays under multiple projection angles. A well-known application is medical imaging with a CT-scanner. The reconstruction methods can roughly be divided into two categories: analytical reconstruction methods and algebraic reconstruction methods (ARMs). An example of an algorithm from the first category is Filtered Backprojection (FBP). This method has a high computational efficiency and it performs well in cases with many equiangularly distributed projection angles and high signal-to-noise ratio. ARMs require in general more computation time. They are more robust with respect to noise and can handle few projection angles or a limited angular range better. In this dissertation, the new algorithm Algebraic filter – Filtered Backprojection (AF-FBP) is introduced, which uses an ARM to create filters that can be used in FBP. The reconstruction quality of AF-FBP approximates that of the corresponding (locally) linear ARM, while the reconstructions are obtained with the computational efficiency of FBP. In cases with a small number of different scanning geometries, using AF-FBP enables the reconstruction of images of relatively high quality for few projection angles, limited angular range, or low signal-to-noise ratio.
Promotor: Supervisor: K.J. Batenburg Co-Supervisor: A.W. van der Vaart, B. de Smit
Faculty: Science
University: Leiden
Uri: urn:isbn:9789462995482

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