Parliamentary committees in a party-centred context : structure, composition, functioning

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Parliamentary committees in a party-centred context : structure, composition, functioning

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Parliamentary committees in a party-centred context : structure, composition, functioning
Author: Mickler, T.A.
Issue Date: 2017-02-22
Keywords: Legislative organisation
Tweede Kamer
German Bundestag
Dáil Éireann
Abstract: Beyond the immediately visible plenum, parliaments are highly complex institutions. They work through various venues in which decisions are prepared or even taken. The two main institutions in this regard are parliamentary party groups, which comprise legislators who are elected under the same party label, and parliamentary committees, topic-specific sub-groups of legislators across all parliamentary party groups. Both fulfil important tasks in the internal organisation of legislatures and the processing of legislation. This dissertation analyses how parliamentary party groups organise their work in parliamentary committees. The first part of this book presents an analysis of the structural features of committees. To answer the question ‘why some legislatures with strong parliamentary party groups establish strong committees while others do not?’, the committee systems of 30 legislatures of countries with a parliamentary system of government are analysed. The next two empirical chapters of this book focus on the selection criteria of committee members and the room for manoeuvre of committee members after they have been assigned to a committee. The evidence for these chapters relies on in-depth analyses of the proceedings in a smaller number of legislatures: the Dutch Tweede Kamer, the German Bundestag and the Irish Dáil Éireann.
Promotor: Supervisors: Rudy B. Andeweg; Ruud A. Koole
Faculty: Social and Behavioural Sciences
University: Leiden

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