After the deluge, a palaeogeographical reconstruction of bronze age West-Frisia (2000-800 BC)

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After the deluge, a palaeogeographical reconstruction of bronze age West-Frisia (2000-800 BC)

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: After the deluge, a palaeogeographical reconstruction of bronze age West-Frisia (2000-800 BC)
Author: Zijverden, W.K. van
Publisher: Sidestone Press
Issue Date: 2017-02-15
Keywords: Palaeogeography
Bronze Age
Landscape reconstruction
Landscape archaeology
Abstract: Large scale excavations of Bronze Age settlement sites were carried out during the period of land consolidation projects resulting in a convincing model for the Bronze Age habitation of West-Frisia. This model envisaged settlement sites situated on creek ridges in an open almost treeless landscape. After a sudden change in climate c. 800 cal BC parts of the landscape were inundated, peat bogs developed and West-Frisia was abandoned by man. It was widely believed that this densely inhabited Bronze Age landscape was almost completely destroyed during the land consolidation projects. At the start of this century, however, it turned out that well preserved Bronze Age settlement sites still exist in West-Frisia. These sites were not only well-preserved but also situated at unexpected locations. In this thesis the palaeogegraphy is described at three scale levels. Based on an analysis of excavation results and environmental proxy data, a new model for the development of the landscape and habitation of West-Frisia during the Bronze Age emerges. For the construction of the palaeogeographical maps of Westwoud, a new approach is used, based on, amongst others, macro botanical remains. The thesis concludes with an alternative strategy for the prospection of Bronze Age sites in West-Frisia.
Promotor: Supervisor: H. Fokkens, C.C. Bakels
Faculty: Archaeology
University: Leiden
Uri: urn:isbn:9789088904066

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