Eigenwijs vaderland : populair nationalisme in negentiende-eeuws Amsterdam

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Eigenwijs vaderland : populair nationalisme in negentiende-eeuws Amsterdam

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Eigenwijs vaderland : populair nationalisme in negentiende-eeuws Amsterdam
Author: Petterson, A.F.
Publisher: Prometheus
Issue Date: 2017-01-24
Keywords: Nationbuilding
Nineteenth century
Political culture
Boer War
Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the workings of popular national agency in late nineteenth-century Amsterdam and the question in what ways and to what extent ‘ordinary’ citizens constructed and experienced ‘the Netherlands’ through their urban surroundings. It steers away from a top-down perspective and considers the lower and middle social classes as actual actors in the process of democratising the nation. The argument of the book is centred around five case studies: the popular experience of public monuments and statues; the singing of the national anthem; popular Orangism; the public response to the Boer Wars; and the commercialisation of the nation in an urban context.
Promotor: Supervisor: H. te Velde, W.J.H. Furnée Co-Supervisor: D. Bos
Faculty: Humanities
University: Leiden
Uri: urn:isbn:9789035143746
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/45463

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