Oil: Venezuela's Sticky Language of Corruption?

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Oil: Venezuela's Sticky Language of Corruption?

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Oil: Venezuela's Sticky Language of Corruption?
Author: Tenkink, Tirza
Issue Date: 2017-08
Keywords: Oil
Resource Curse
Hugo Chávez
Political corruption
Abstract: Venezuela has one of the largest oil resource in the world and the oil sector is one of the most prone sectors to corruption. As the Corruption Perception Index shows is the level of corruption in Venezuela also one of the highest of Latin America. In this thesis the level of influence of corruption on the resource curse will be assessed, specifically looking at the case study of Venezuela during the Bolivarian Revolution of Hugo Chávez. First, a theoretical framework is created in order to understand the relation between corruption and the resource curse. Second, a contextualization is provided through analyzing the Punto Fijo Pact which preceded the Hugo Chávez government. In this chapter increasing dissatisfaction of the Venezuelan population is shown, which together with the Caracazo massacre, created a platform for Hugo Chávez to gain power and popularity. In the third chapter, the theoretical framework will be applied to Chávez’s Venezuela and its consequences. Whereas the theoretical framework suggests that the resource curse is strengthened by corruption and thus will prevent a country with an abundant resource from developing, the case of Venezuela appears to be have proved the contrary. After analyzing the resource curse in Venezuela it shows that even though an abundant resource is present and corruption is still increasing, the oil revenues have allowed Hugo Chávez to fund several new socioeconomic programs which largely have benefitted the Venezuelan development.
Supervisor: Solheim, H.A.S.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: International Studies (Bachelor)
Specialisation: Latin America
ECTS Credits: 10
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/45191

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