Determining the Effect of Bending on Origami Structures

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Determining the Effect of Bending on Origami Structures

Type: Master thesis
Title: Determining the Effect of Bending on Origami Structures
Author: Vaart, Jasper Bonne van derVaart, Jasper Bonne van der
Issue Date: 2016-10-31
Keywords: Origami
Miura Ori
Abstract: In this thesis, we probe the bending stiffness of origami metamaterials, to investigate under which conditions origami can be described as continuum media. The Miura Ori pattern was bent using two mechanical tests: three point bending test and cantilever bending. Our origami metamaterials at rest can be characterised by the opening angle between adjacent plates, which specifies how much the structure is folded. We varied two things, the width and the opening angle. The bending stiffness of the Miura Ori sheet at different widths showed significant deviations from continuum classical elastic theory. These deviations differed in behaviour and this was dependant on the opening angle of the sheet. When the Miura Ori sheets were almost flat folded, an continuum mechanical behaviour was seen when the width was small. The deviations were seen when the width increased. When the sheets were opened, possible finite size effects were determined that corresponded to Cosserat elasticity. Tests showed that the bending stiffness increased with the opening angle. This contradicts previously made theoretical predictions.
Supervisor: Hecke, Martin vanHecke, Martin van
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Soft & Biological Matter Physics
ECTS Credits: 5

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