Doelwit Den Haag? : complotconstructies en systeemhaat in Nederland 2000-2014

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Doelwit Den Haag? : complotconstructies en systeemhaat in Nederland 2000-2014

Type: Doctoral Thesis
Title: Doelwit Den Haag? : complotconstructies en systeemhaat in Nederland 2000-2014
Author: Buuren, J. van
Issue Date: 2016-11-02
Keywords: Conspiracy
Political Legitimicay
Political violence
Hatred of the System
Abstract: In this PhD-research, the main question addressed is whether or not conspiracy constructions are boosting hatred against the political system - and if conspiracy constructions could prompt violent actions against politicians, institutions or symbols of the political system. Based on research into digital communities in which conspiracy constructions flourish, the research concludes that conspiracy constructions function as substitute ideologies and substitute religions in a post-political setting. Offering a clear master narrative of 'Us' and 'Them', and making a complex world eligible again, conspiracy constructions function as coded social critiques informing those who feel alienated, neglected and betrayed by the political establishment. However, as conspiracy constructions neglect real social and political opposites, cleavages and antagonisms that divide each society and construct a fictitious homogeneous 'People', the political mobilizing potential of conspiracy constructions is almost absent. Notwithstanding the violent and hateful discourse on social media one should not exaggerate the risks in terms of national security. The popularity of conspiracy constructions and the hateful discourse against the political system signals foremost powerlessness, despair and resentment that finds an outlet on social media.
Promotor: Supervisors: E. Bakker; B.A. de Graaf Co-Supervisors: P. Nieuwenburg; P. Abels
Faculty: Governance and Global Affairs
University: Leiden

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