All Imperfect Things: A bodily scope

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All Imperfect Things: A bodily scope

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: All Imperfect Things: A bodily scope
Author: Sébastien, Reed
Issue Date: 2016-08-26
Keywords: Brazil
Cultural Studies
Ways of Seeing
Pep Bonet
Photo Documentary
Abstract: Brazil’s heterodominant cultural climate subjects trans individuals to turbulent social realities emerging from their deferred styles of embodiment. Such realities are depicted by Pep Bonet in his photodocumentary series All Imperfect Things. Through systematic visual analysis, paying particular attention to the different "ways of seeing" provided by Bonet, this research has as its objective the exploration of the effect to which the trans body is captured and displayed throughout the documentary. Through considerations of the body in conjunction with tendencies of documentary genre, space, and a sense of community, research has shown how Bonet subverts the reinforcement of Brazilian trans' powerlessness. What materialises is a humanizing way of representing which is both empowering and true to itself and the community depicted.
Supervisor: Sara, Brandellero
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: International Studies (Bachelor)
Specialisation: Latin American Culture
ECTS Credits: 10

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