Religious Change in Roman Carthage

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Religious Change in Roman Carthage

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Religious Change in Roman Carthage
Author: Miedema, Arjen
Issue Date: 2016-06-30
Keywords: Religion
Abstract: In the broader historical debate Religion in Carthage has had some polarizing views when it comes to Roman Imperialism. Colonial and Anti-Colonial views made it look as if the relationship between the peoples of North Africa and the Romans was rather static and one-sided. In response to that I have tried to elaborate those ideas that support the workings of a more dynamic approach where the North African peoples in close collaboration gave new meaning to both the old and the new interpretations of the various deities present within the near vicinity of Carthage. Although it does seem that a distinction between identities can be made, they appear to be far less significant than previously assumed.
Supervisor: Hobson, MatthewGroesen, Michiel van
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Geschiedenis (Bachelor)
Specialisation: Oude geschiedenis
ECTS Credits: 15

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