Shinkichi Tajiri : universal paradoxes

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Shinkichi Tajiri : universal paradoxes

Type: Book (monograph)
Title: Shinkichi Tajiri : universal paradoxes
Pages: 176
Publisher: Leiden University Press (LUP)
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Visual Arts
Abstract: The paradoxes in the life and artworks of Shinkichi Tajiri (1923-2009) appear to be timeless and intercultural. As a result, they continue to appeal to familiar experiences among a lot of people. Tajiri’s life was not related to one specific culture: American because of place of birth, Japanese because of his parents, French because his career began in Paris, and Dutch because he lived for more than fifty years in the Netherlands. This anthology comprises six essays which reflect from various perspectives on aspects of the timelessness and universal paradoxes in the life and work of Tajiri. Three themes are selected that could be considered as leitmotif throughout his artistic career: the Knot, the Warrior, and the Wall. The Warrior theme is a recurrent theme to purge himself of the horrors of the war. With the Knots he wanted to cut through all mystification that he felt was invading the art scene.
Editor(s): Westgeest, Helen
Tajiri, Giotta
Tajiri, Ryu
Series/Report no.: Leiden Publications
ISBN: 9789087282325
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