Sexual Exploitation in the K-pop Industry

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Sexual Exploitation in the K-pop Industry

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Sexual Exploitation in the K-pop Industry
Author: Treskes, Eline Louise
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: sexual exploitation
female k-pop idols
K-pop industry
girl power
Abstract: In the last decade, K-pop has become one of South-Korea’s most important business cards, turning its idols into the icons of the newly emerging pop culture. This new focus on K-pop has brought about an increase in the commercialization of female sexuality.This sexuality is often justified through the notion of girl power. This thesis will add to the discussion on the nature and rationality of female sexuality in K-pop. Hereby I will suggest that not the often used term sexualization, but ‘sexual exploitation’ is more appropriate. The sexual exploitation of female K-pop idols will be uncovered by answering the following questions: How are female K-pop idols sexually exploited? Can this exploitation be justified by the concept of girl power? The findings in this thesis will lay bare the manner of sexual exploitation. Hereby I will argue that there is no room for girl power in the K-pop industry. Instead, the sexual exploitation of female idols is a result of K-pop being a male preponderant industry which creates interdependency and oppression.
Supervisor: Han, Namhee
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Korean Studies (Bachelor)
ECTS Credits: 10

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