Experimental bounds on sterile-active neutrino mixing angles

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Experimental bounds on sterile-active neutrino mixing angles

Type: Master thesis
Title: Experimental bounds on sterile-active neutrino mixing angles
Author: Petač, Mihael
Issue Date: 2015-06-30
Keywords: sterile neutrinos
neutrino oscillations
direct detection
heavy neutral leptons
mixing angles
experimental bounds
Abstract: Despite the success of the Standard Model in the last few decades, we know it is not complete. There is strong motivation for assuming the existence of aditional heavy neutral leptons, which can account for active neutrino masses and possibly also have cosmological implications. In this work I consider the Standard Model with two neutral lepton singlets (sterile neutrinos) with degenerated masses in the range $20MeV - 2GeV$. The constraints on the active-sterile neutrino mixing angles are evaluated based on recent neutrino oscillations data. Using these constraints the bounds from accelerator experiments are reanalyzed for the case of the considered model. Finally, the results are compared with cosmological constraints coming from Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the $\nu MSM$ resonant leptogenesis.
Supervisor: Boyarsky, Alexey
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Physics (Master)
Specialisation: Research in Theoretical Physics
ECTS Credits: 8
Handle: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/37098

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