Energy survival guide : insight and outlook

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Energy survival guide : insight and outlook

Type: Book (monograph)
Title: Energy survival guide : insight and outlook
Author: Hermans, Jo
Pages: 184
Publisher: Leiden University Press
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Do those huge windmills really make sense? Can solar energy provide the entire world’s electricity? Should we stop building nuclear power plants after Fukushima? Why don’t we use wave power? How much do I save by installing double glazing? What about using solar panels? Is taking the train more efficient than travelling by plane or car? What’s wrong with electric cars? These are just examples of questions people ask. This book provides the answers. It comes to the rescue of anyone who wants to know the facts. It makes the world of energy accessible to all. This book provides the answers, presenting clear insights into the current state of affairs and exploring future prospects. Every statement is backed by facts and figures, leading to conclusions that are hard to contest.
Series/Report no.: Leiden Publications
ISBN: 9789087281236
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