Il tema dell’amicizia femminile in "L’amica geniale" di Elena Ferrante

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Il tema dell’amicizia femminile in "L’amica geniale" di Elena Ferrante

Type: Master thesis
Title: Il tema dell’amicizia femminile in "L’amica geniale" di Elena Ferrante
Author: Zevenbergen, Frianne C.
Issue Date: 2015-08
Keywords: amicizia / friendship
letteratura al femminile / women literature
Elena Ferrante
L'amica geniale / My Brilliant Friend
femminismo / feminism
donne / women
emancipazione / emancipation
gioventù / youth
relazione / relationship
Italia / Italy
Abstract: Until this moment the presence of female friendship, in contrast to male friendship, in Italian literature has been very rare. That is why in this thesis the topic of female friendship in Italian literature will be examined, focusing on one novel in particular, “L’amica geniale”, which lends itself perfectly to analyse this phenomenon. In the first chapter of the thesis the authoress Elena Ferrante and her writings will be introduced. This is necessary because her novels have been published very recently. The second chapter is dedicated to the narratological analysis of the novel, which is necessary to get a complete overview. The analysis of “L’amica geniale” will be able to show how female friendship is related to the process of personal identity and how this is expressed in Italian literature. This is why in the third chapter the focus will be on the Bildungsroman, which is characteristic for exposing the personal development of an individual. Comparing the novel to the narrative model of the Bildungsroman will make it possible to examine which aspects and elements of the Bildungsroman are presented in “L’amica geniale”. This will give the opportunity to discuss how female friendship influences the personal development of an individual and to examine how this is exposed in the novel and in Italian literature in general. In the fourth chapter the aspects of female friendship in the novel will be examined. In the conclusion all the statements and arguments will be put into perspective.
Supervisor: Heijkant, M.J.J.P.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Literary Studies (Master)
Specialisation: Italian Literature and Culture
ECTS Credits: 20

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