Alignment in the Sumerian Verb

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Alignment in the Sumerian Verb

Type: Bachelor thesis
Title: Alignment in the Sumerian Verb
Author: Peters, Twan
Issue Date: 2014-08-31
Keywords: Sumerian Morphosyntax Ergativity
Abstract: The Sumerian language is often perceived as a so-called "Ergative language". As many works on different languages have illustrated this is a very vague and often imprecise term for languages that pattern parts of their grammar in such a way. Sumerian is no exception to this as it uses several alignments in different parts of its morphology. This paper attempts to give an overview of the alignment system in the Sumerian verb.
Supervisor: Krispijn, Theo
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Oude culturen van de mediterrane wereld (Bachelor)
Specialisation: Assyriology
ECTS Credits: 10

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