Blithering Bumpkins and Poisonous Pustules

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Blithering Bumpkins and Poisonous Pustules

Type: Master thesis
Title: Blithering Bumpkins and Poisonous Pustules
Author: Blom, Kristel
Issue Date: 2014-09-22
Keywords: Translation
Narrative Dialogue
Fictive Orality
Children’s Literature
Roald Dahl
Abstract: The present Master’s thesis seeks to develop a better understanding of the translation of idiolect in narrative dialogue. Idiolect found in three characters (two villains and one hero) from Roald Dahl’s children’s novels Matilda and The Witches is analyzed by means of Juliane House’s model for translation quality assessment. Central to this discussion is the way in which the idiolects function regarding character portrayal, and how the Dutch translations affect this, if at all. The analyses demonstrate that idiolect is retained in all translations, although slight shifts have occurred in the translation process. These alterations mainly affect the humorous effect of the villains. The hero is less notably affected, because her idiolect is less explicitly present. Concluding, retaining idiolect in translation texts is salient for character portrayal.
Supervisor: Zeven, Katinka
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Linguistics (Master)
Specialisation: Translation in Theory and Practice
ECTS Credits: 20

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