The Adjective in Dutch-French code switching

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The Adjective in Dutch-French code switching

Type: Research master thesis
Title: The Adjective in Dutch-French code switching
Author: Vanden Wyngaerd, Emma
Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: codeswitching
Matrix Language Framework
Abstract: This thesis investigates the word order and adjectival agreement patterns in French- Dutch code switched DPs. It examines the predictions made by two theoretical frameworks: the Minimalist Program (MP) (MacSwan 2009) and the Matrix Language Framework (MLF) (Myers-Scotton and Jake 2009) and compares these predictions to data gathered in an elicitation task and a grammaticality judgment task. This thesis is the first study investigating the adjectival agreement in code switched DPs. The results of the experiments show no unambiguous confirmation of the predictions of either framework. However, statistical analysis of the data collected in the grammaticality judgment task showed that the MP is a better predictor for the grammaticality judgments, as sentences predicted to be grammatical by the MP were rated higher than sentence predicted to be ungrammatical by the same model. This difference was statistically significant to the 5% level. There was no significant difference in rating for the predictions of the MLF. This results of the judgment task in combination with the results of previous research highlight the importance of an integration of data from both naturalistic and experimental settings. Furthermore, the lack of unambiguous results from the grammaticality judgment task argues for an integration of other experimental methodologies, such as psycho- and neurolinguistic ones.
Supervisor: Parafita Couto, M. Carmen
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Department: Linguistics (Research master)
ECTS Credits: 30

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