New Sounds, new stories : narrativity in contemporary music

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New Sounds, new stories : narrativity in contemporary music

Type: Book (monograph)
Title: New Sounds, new stories : narrativity in contemporary music
Author: Meelberg, Vincent
Pages: 257
Publisher: Leiden University Press
Issue Date: 2006
Keywords: Musical narrativity
Musical narrative
Contemporary music
Atonal music
Musical tense
Musical comprehension
Musical story
Musical text
Abstract: When listeners talk about their listening experiences, they often refer to music as if it were a narrative. But can music actually tell a story? Can music be narrative? Traditionally, narrativity is associated with verbal and visual texts, and the mere possibility of musical narrativity is highly debated. In this study, Vincent Meelberg demonstrates that music can indeed be narrative, and that the study of musical narrativity can be very productive. Moreover, Meelberg even makes a stronger claim by contending that contemporary music, too, can be narrative. More specifically, Meelberg suggests considering contemporary musical narratives as metanarratives, i.e. narratives that tell the story of the process of narrativization
Series/Report no.: LUP Dissertaties;
ISBN: 9789087280024
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