De effects-based approach to operations in Afghanistan : meten van het onmeetbare

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De effects-based approach to operations in Afghanistan : meten van het onmeetbare

Title: De effects-based approach to operations in Afghanistan : meten van het onmeetbare
Author: Klumper, Willem Maarten
Publisher: International Relations, Campus the Hague, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2014-04-17
Keywords: NATO
Military operations
Comprehensive approach
New public management
Abstract: Recent examples of international military intervention have shown that the strategic thinking behind the deployment of military forces in crisis situations is changing. Military intervention no longer serves an exclusively military objective, but is part of a broader range of activities conducted by military as well as non-military actors. This trend stems from the vision that international military intervention in a crisis situation is merely one component of a broader nation-building mission drawing on a variety of instruments of power. In other words, military intervention is only one of a number of activities aimed at a country's economic, political, infrastructural and social (re)construction.This integrated approach to resolving international crises is commonly known as the Comprehensive Approach (CA), and the role of the military is known as Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO). The research covers t he theoretical aspects of EBAO and the application of EBAO in the practice of NATO's mission in Afghanistan (International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Description: Promotor: Wijk, Co-promotores: E.Bakker, S.J.H.Rietjens
With summary in English
Faculty: Faculteit Campus Den Haag
Citation: Klumper, W.M., 2014, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University
Sponsor: Koninklijke Luchtmacht

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