Nearby and distant star-forming galaxies as seen through emission lines

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Nearby and distant star-forming galaxies as seen through emission lines

Title: Nearby and distant star-forming galaxies as seen through emission lines
Author: Sadatshirazi, Maryamosadat
Publisher: Leiden Observatory, Faculty of Science, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2013-10-15
Keywords: Galaxy evolution
Star-forming galaxies
Nebular emission line
Nearby galaxies
Distant galaxies
Wolf-Rayet stars
Gravitational lensing
Abstract: Galaxies with all their varieties, have been home to billions of stars during their life. It is because of the presence of these shining stars that we are able to observe them through the cosmic time. Although we observe galaxies mostly through the light emitted by their stars, we cannot resolve these stars individually unless they are very close by. Because of this, the cumulative light from billions of stars in every galaxy is analyzed using stellar population models to extract information about the evolution of galaxies. Stellar light does not reach us without passing through the interstellar medium (ISM) which contains clouds of gas and dust particles. Gas and dust can absorb and re-emit the light from stars, or scatter it towards us and make interpreting what we observe in galaxies very complicated. Despite all these difficulties, just by analyzing the total light from galaxies, we can constrain the global physical properties of galaxies such as stellar mass, star formation rate and age, based on the stellar population models. By combining stellar population models and photoionization models we can further analyze the emission line spectrum of star-forming galaxies coming from ionized gas around young stars which provide us with a wealth of information about the small-scale properties of galaxies e.g., the ISM. This thesis is an attempt in understanding the relation between these small-scale properties and global properties of star-forming galaxies over cosmic time using stellar population synthesis models and photoionization models.
Description: Promotor: M.Franx, Co-Promotor: J. Brinchmann
With Summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculteit der Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen
Citation: Sadatshirazi, M., 2013, Doctoral Thesis, Leiden University
ISBN: 9789461919069

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