Colonial Masca in motion : tactics of persistence of a Honduran indigenous community

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Colonial Masca in motion : tactics of persistence of a Honduran indigenous community

Title: Colonial Masca in motion : tactics of persistence of a Honduran indigenous community
Author: Sheptak, Russell Nicholas
Publisher: Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2013-06-19
Keywords: History
Indigenous society
Historical Archaeology
Historical Anthropology
Abstract: This study of an indigenous community combines the use of archival documents with evidence from archaeological excavations to offer an anthropological analysis, drawing on the concepts of dialogics, doxa, and practice to show how we can understand historically obscured people and histories. A network of pueblos de indios integrated themselves in colonial society in Honduras through service in a coastal watch, while resisting exploitation beyond the legal requirements of encomienda. The circulation of people between towns as spouses allowed for the sharing of colonial experiences and tactics of persistence. This network perpetuated indigenous practices, including the cultivation, circulation, and use of cacao, likely for ritual, and the use of chipped stone tools. Masca, later known as Candelaria, was one such indigenous town located in the district of San Pedro Sula. Its people identified as a community defined by the presence of their houses, church, agricultural fields, and cacao plantations. The community used a variety of techniques to persist under colonization until the nineteenth century. These included exploiting the colonial legal system, the continued use of indigenous family name by community elites, moving the entire community to avoid violence, and exploiting the casta system to change the perceived identity of individuals.
Description: Promotor: M.E.R.G.N.Jansen
With Summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculty of Archeology
Citation: Sheptak, R.N., 2013, Doctoral Thesis, Leiden University

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