Afghanistan 2001-2011 : gewapende interventie en staatsvorming in een fragiele staat

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Afghanistan 2001-2011 : gewapende interventie en staatsvorming in een fragiele staat

Title: Afghanistan 2001-2011 : gewapende interventie en staatsvorming in een fragiele staat
Author: Wagemaker, Allard Jacobus Emile
Publisher: Faculteit Campus The Hague, Leiden University
Issue Date: 2012-10-25
Keywords: Afghanistan
Fragile states
International relations
Nation building
Peace operations
State building
Abstract: This dissertation examines the use of the military instrument for initiating a state-building process in fragile states as a foundation for stability and basic security. This is done by analysing the position of the armed intervening parties in Afghanistan in the 2001-2011 period as an empirical and qualitative single-case study. Owing to their weak governmental institutions, instability and lack of basic security, fragile state can represent serious security risks. Events taking place far from national borders of developed states governed by the rule of law can therefore affect the national security situations of those states. Whatever the motive for an armed intervention, before it commences the question must be asked as to whether the intervention force is fit-for-purpose regarding the tasks to be carried out and whether there is a large enough support base, not only for the invasion, but also for the long-term process required for the political consolidation of military results. The intervening force must be capable of kneading this harmonisation into a workable and integrated strategy, giving as much confidence as possible to the legitimate and broadly supported leadership and ownership of the fragile state that was subject of the intervention
Description: Promotor: J.J.C. Voorhoeve, Co-promotor: J.G. Siccama
With summaries in English and Dari
Faculty: Faculteit Campus Den Haag
Citation: Wagemaker, A., 2012, Doctoral thesis, Leiden University
ISBN: 9789088920523
Sponsor: The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Navy

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