Sociale competenties bij kinderen met ADHD en ASS

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Sociale competenties bij kinderen met ADHD en ASS

Type: Master thesis
Title: Sociale competenties bij kinderen met ADHD en ASS
Author: Scheepers, Angela
Issue Date: 2012-11-07
Keywords: Sociale competentie, ADHD, ASS, Autisme, Autism, Social skills
Abstract: The present study investigated to what extent children with ADHD, ASD, and children with a combination of ADHD and ASD posses age-appropriate social competencies, whether there are differences or similarities between these groups of children, and whether age and sex have an influence on these differences or similarities. Parents were asked to complete two online questionnaires: the ‘Sociaal Emotionele Vragenlijst’ and the ‘vragenlijst Adaptieve Vaardigheden Jeugdigen’. Social competencies that were analyzed were ‘interaction with peers’, ‘interaction with parents, adults and authority’, and ‘autonomy and self-steering’. Results indicated that children diagnosed with developmental psychopathology differed significantly from the children without any disorders. Children with ADHD, and children with ASD scored significantly different on social competencies ‘interaction with peers’ and ‘autonomy’, but were similar on ‘interactions with parents, adults and authority’ and ‘self-steering’. No significant differences based on age and sex were found among the groups. Children with ADHD, and children with ASD benefit from interventions aimed at the development of social competencies, since these competencies lead to a better quality of life.
Supervisor: Scholte, Evert
Faculty: Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Department: Education and Child Studies (Master)
Specialisation: Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies
ECTS Credits: 20

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