Amotopoan trails : a recent archaeology of Trio movements

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Amotopoan trails : a recent archaeology of Trio movements

Title: Amotopoan trails : a recent archaeology of Trio movements
Author: Mans, Jimmy Lou Johannes Andrée
Publisher: Sidestone Press : Leiden
Issue Date: 2012-09-26
Keywords: Trio
Recent archaeology
Abstract: In this book the concept of mobility is explored for the archaeology of the Amazonian and Caribbean region. As a result of technological and methodological progress in archaeology, mobility has become increasingly visible on the level of the individual. However, as a concept it does not seem to fit with current approaches in Amazonian archaeology, which favour a move away from viewing small mobile groups as models for the deeper past. Instead of ignoring such ethnographic tyrannies, in this book they are considered to be essential for arriving at a different past. Viewing archaeological mobility as the sum of movements of both people and objects, the empirical part of Amotopoan Trails focuses on Amotopo, a small contemporary Trio village in the interior of Suriname. The movements of the Amotopoans are tracked and positioned in a century of Trio dynamics, ultimately yielding a recent archaeology of Surinamese-Trio movements for the Sipaliwini River basin (1907-2008). Alongside the construction of this archaeology, novel mobility concepts are introduced. They provide the conceptual footholds which enable the envisioning of mobility at various temporal scales, from a decade up to a century, the sequence of which has remained a blind spot in Caribbean and Amazonian archaeology.
Description: Promotor: C.L. Hofman, Co-Promotor: E.B. Carlin
With Summary in Dutch
Faculty: Faculty of Archeology
Citation: Mans, J.L.J.A., 2012, Doctoral Thesis, Leiden University
Series/Report no.: Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde;41
ISBN: 978908890983
Sponsor: NWO ; Faculty of Archaeology

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